“Having a personal calendar has relaxed me more. When I feel bad I know why, and when it will end.”

About Love-Stars® Compatibility Reports: “It’s weird how accurate these reports are… I mean it’s really weird.”

“Thanks so much!! I love your calendars, and the way you are so observant, organized and always do your due diligence…”

“More than an astrologer, you have been a friend and mother to me. I really appreciate it!”

“You’re an angel, I wish everyone was like you!”

“What an amazing hour – I got so very much more than I expected!”

“On point. Nailed it.”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “Ahhhhh, fantastic! I love, love, love these...so much fun knowing where the universe is at…”

“____ and I broke up… I’m heart broken…  You of course, were right, regarding his commitment anxiety.  You’re always right!

“Helena you really helped me the way you analyzed the whole thing, the way you took it all apart for me scientifically – almost like a doctor would!”

“What I love about you is how kind, wise and humble you are… plus you explain it so well!”

“Helena, Thank you very much for the Beauty Calendar. It's fabulous, and I spend a good amount of $ on beauty, so I'm grateful to know.  The reading was the highlight of my week so far.  Thank you, and good service!”

“You always help me to circumvent disaster – it’s priceless!”

“Hi Helena, just wanted to thank you for the great reading and insights yesterday, and for the love report. It has made me remember a lot of things from that time, mainly all those intense feelings that didn't make sense. Since you picked up on my empathic tendency, the report made it easier to see which feeling would belong more to whom. I think I'm beginning to understand some things better that I knew were there but couldn't or don't know how to see clearly before. I'm sure I still have some questions but none that seem pressing for now so will be looking forward to talking to you again in the future. 🙂

“Thank u so much. U r so amazing. “

“I want to discuss my career and job with you. I also want get your input as I consider you one of my mentors.“

“This is such a great tool many of us are not aware of.  I'm so glad about this discovery and it's such an eye opener about "knowing thyself".  Thank you for sharing your talent and gift to the world as I'm one of the many recipients who's grateful about this knowledge.  May you'll be blessed above and beyond. Thank you and more power!”

“Hello Helena! Thank you for my session recording.  I'm still blown away by the accuracy.  It's simply amazing!!! I really appreciate the chance to have this consultation, delighted and felt empowered of what I've learned in this process.”

“Hello! I'm pleasantly surprised with my Astrological reading with Helena.  It's amazingly accurate!” 

“Thank you, beautiful Magi Helena”

“Hi Helena, Thanks so much! _______ and I would not have made it this far without you! with much love and care, _______”

“Hi Helena!!! Thank you so, so much for all of the thoughtful insights, precision and care with which you have put forth to help me in finding the best timing choices for the important actions to be taken in the near future!  I’m so incredibly grateful for the blessing of your time, consideration and expertise in making these choices! I can’t thank you enough!  <3”

Thank you very much Helena! Feel very blessed and much love;)”

“Hi Helena! Thank you for always helping us with your readings!!”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “This is great, thank you so much!  :) “

“Many thanks Helena !!  I love Magi ☺”

“Helena, Just wanted to let you know, we got an offer on the house yesterday.  Day after we spoke.  Second time big angelic natalization happened rt after a reading, interesting….”

“I have very much enjoyed the reports I have purchased. Please keep up all of your most important work!”

“Thank you Helena, you're the best!!! You are very kind.”

“… and thanks to your help and guidance and thru the magi astrology reports...I've been fortunate to dodge some serious bullets. Whew. You showed me I'm really better off being alone than with the wrong person, and I've learned to really trust and love my own company over the years. Thanks so much! Love you.”

About Love-Stars® Compatibility Report: “Thank you. I find these reports so fascinating and very telling. I have purchased a report for various men I have had relationships with in the past and also currently. “

“I can not thank you enough for all the readings you did for all of us!  Thank you so much and it means more than you will know!  I plan to "hang in there!"  I do not plan to be a victim, but victorious.  Your insight will help guide each of us to be such that!” 

Thank You, Helena!!!  OMG!  That's great news!  Thank you so much for your extra time and the service you provided.”  

“Thank you for all your hard work and effort.  I love Magi Astrology. Exciting stuff!”

“Thanks Helena, You're so cool!!!

“Hi Helena, I successfully filed my incorporation today. Thanks again for everything and helping me pick the a day with great potential! I'm looking forward to what the future holds :)”

“Hello Helena!  Yes, your report is amazing!” 

“Dear Mrs.Helena; I'm writing this letter to say that "thank you so much" to help me truly believe in myself and the way I choose to go. I've known about Magi astrology through my friend, and when I learn more about it, it makes me believe that Magi astrology is really a science-based astrology as it's really logical and proven by research. I feel that I am very lucky to know about Magi astrology when I'm still very young so I totally believe that my life will be greater and much happier by using Magi astrology.”

“I just had a fabulous session with Helena and I'm writing to schedule an additional 15 min. session…”

“Helena, By the way--I have absolutely felt your prayer! You have very positive, powerful, and protective prayers!”

 “...suffice to say, your astrological accuracy is highly reliable. Thank you! I Appreciate You!”

 “Thank you for your good wishes, prayers and sharing your talent.”

 “Hi Helena, Thank you for the extremely helpful consultation session. I am really glad I was able to consult you about _____ first before breaking any news to my parents and close friends and letting them assess the situation. I also believe your excellent love/success calendars helped to make the news an overall success.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I have also referred another person to you - _____, who in turn has referred another person to you - _____. They both ordered personalized calendars in last week or so. Thank you for all the time you have given me to teach me more about Magi Astro.”

“Hi Helena, Thank you so much for our wedding date!  We are so excited and happy about it.  We are very grateful to you for putting so much time and work into this.  We very much appreciate the detail you sent to us.  We are still going over all of the information and are thrilled with your pick,  We can't thank you enough!  This means so much to us!  Many blessings to you too! “ 

“Hi Helena! 😁😸 Thank you so much! 💖💖💖 Sincerest thanks to you for your guidance in divine timing! Many Blessings, and Lots of Love & Light to you! 😘💞💕💓💖💗

About Love-Stars® Compatibility Report: “I had a feeling you'd be playing cupid! Sending lots of Aloha, Love and Light! Thanks for creating a smashing report!”

About Tutoring: “... last week's lesson was great. (They all are)”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “Thanks very much, Helena. Appreciated as always!”

“Hi Helena! Awesome! You Rock!!!”

“Many thanks to your replied email with detailed explanation and helpful encouragement. Magi Astrology is really a gift of Providence, guiding through the darkest phase of my life. It helps me explain and let go many crazy things that have come to my life. Moreover, my life has been improved a lot ever since I plan my future based on Magi knowledge. Things like Cinderella transit, Golden transit, Heartbreak transit DO work in real life. I feel so blessed to be aware of this amazing system. Not only my life has improved, I have also helped so many people around me with Magi Astrology.” 

“You're the best. Thank you!!!”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “Thanks Helena, your calendars really work.”

“Hi Helena, Thank you for the awesome reading a couple days ago. I would like to follow up with ­­­­____. Thank you for sharing your experience in learning this divine science!”

“Good morning, Helena! Thank you so, so much for all that you do!  <3   I truly appreciate all of the efforts and expertise that go into your calendars!

“Thank you Helena for this most uplifting of messages.”

“Thank you.  You were right, yet again. This time, about ___’s tendency to fixate on the negative, etc...plus I've learned our low sex number is actually a problem for me. I need higher than a 3. It's like kissing my brother goodbye. Oof. Playing this one out, trying to elicit, but it's not looking good. The Date-Fax was the first indicator of this boring platonic relationship, and my session with you, even more telling. I guess I'm just saying "you're the bomb"...And I love you!! Thank you for all your guidance.”

“I can't thank you enough, Helena. What a wealth of information! I'm so very grateful for your wisdom and research! I will spread the word!”

“Thank you so much for your help. I am glad I checked with you, and I feel relieved knowing that it's the best choice of day, given the parameters. Again, thanks for being there.”

“Thank you so much!!! The reading helped me immensely!! Very grateful!”

Testimonial for Helena’s book, Build Your Dream Life: “Your step by step guide to building our dream life is amazing and I strongly recommended it as compulsory reading for anyone serious about life-improvement.”

“Thank you so much, Helena, for this generous gift of knowledge! Sending lots of love and light ~ 💖💖💖

“Helena, Thanks so much for your insight, wisdom and compassion. I am working on myself now for some time (I mentioned that to you in your reading). So your reading gives me support and inspiration to continue learning about my self and my wants. I'm impressed with 7-level Magi Astrology. . Horizontal, Vertical, as seen from Earth, take a look here from the Sun, watch out! you'll burn both feet. I enjoyed our long walk through the dark woods of Magi Astrology. You had the flashlight, I didn't even have a match. Later, last night, I waved goodbye at my old flat plane, uni- dimensional, chart on a piece of paper in Black & White... If I was a dog in the backyard last night, I'd be howling @ Her Brightness - Ms. Moon. “

“I always feel so much better after I talk to you!”

“It’s always so valuable talking to you Helena, I always lean so much practical stuff I can really use.”

“After the first time we spoke I said to myself, I’m done with therapy. It helps me more to talk to this lady.”

“You couldn’t be more of a fairy godmother to me!”

“You predict things to the day!!!! It happened like clockwork just like you said.”

“Helena in 2014 you gave me a 2 year forecast of my peaks and valleys – OMG so accurate!”

“Thank you for your wedding date- I can already feel a change!”

Testimonial for Helena’s book, How To Sing The Universe: “It’s an amazing book!”

“You’ve been advising me since my son was 5 years old. Now he’s 12 and he’s doing so much better – he’s happy and it’s peaceful in the house.”

“Love your products! I feel so empowered knowing I can get answers from you 24/7 now.”

“Magi Astrology has got it right. Much closer to Truth with a capital T.”

“Helena you are the best. Really you are the best astrologer in the world!!!”

“OMG you’re so accurate it's almost scary.”

“I like to have everything by you – you’re always so right on.”

“Over the last 6 years you’ve helped us dodge so many bullets – without you we’d have gone over the cliff. We all love you Helena!”

“Dear Magi Helena, Thanks so much for the reading. It was very timely and informative. Your insights were spot on. It’s given me a lot of ideas for improving myself…. I appreciate your guidance.”

“The best 60 minutes I’ve ever spent with ANYONE!”

“Helena Thank you for a great year! Because of your advice this year has been so much more peaceful!”

“When it comes to guidance, you’re all that I can trust…”

“Every time I talk to you it’s a blessing.”

“…. It didn’t turn out to be bad, just like you said!”

“Everything you said in last year’s reading was profoundly accurate for both me and my husband.”

“You’re the best straight up. I’ve tried others….You’re the best – knowledge, integrity, passion – I couldn’t recommend you unless I really believed in what you offer.”

“Helena you are my fairy godmother.”