Our Money-Back Guarantee

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all Personal Calendars* and Love Compatibility Reports!

Made a mistake in your order? 
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I’ll send you a corrected report right away!! 

Don’t like your product or ordered by mistake? 
Well….. I can’t guarantee you’ll like the ANSWERS in your Calendar or Love Report. Why? Because my products TELL THE TRUTH. My Calendars and Love Reports tell you both the good and the bad. If I only told you happy lies my products would be worthless… you can only make good decisions knowing the REAL TRUTH. 

So, if you’re OK with your real, true answers but just don’t like the product and want your money back, 
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*Exception: Star-Timers ordered with the Magi’s Picks option are ONLY refundable before work has begun on your personal Magi’s Picks. If you ordered Magi’s Picks, you only have 2 days to request your refund.