Instant Personal Love Calendar
Get your best days to meet your Soulmate or push for commitment...

Instant Personal Love Calendar

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  • Easy to use :Simple day-by-day calendar format.
  • Price Varies: Longer calendars = best value:Get the long view to plan ahead + great savings!
  • Yes we need a lot of info:Specific info is needed for proven accuracy. We NEVER sell or share your confidential info.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:Buy with confidence!
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Get your days to meet your Soulmate, when you can only meet a heartbreaker, your best & worst days to push for commitment, and more.

Includes a detailed guide to understanding and using your Star-Timer with strategic planning advice: how to choose the best days for every activity, how to get the most out of negative cycles, and how to make the best choices of days during bad cycles when necessary. 

Birth Time is optional - don't worry if unknown.

Sent via email, typically in less than 1 hour after we receive your info. If you add Magi Helena's Personal Picks, please allow 5 business days.

"I did meet someone new and wonderful in my Cinderella Days...”

"My Star-Timer really matched what was going on in my life...”

”...and of course this magical moment was foretold on my Love calendar...”

"My first calendar was a great help... Here's my new order - looking forward to another year of guidance!"

“Thanks so much for the calendar, what a fantastic tool! I'm going to make the best use of it."

"I LOVE my Star-Timer! It is clear, concise & easy to refer to when planning the future."

"Hi Helena, Thank you so much for all your help!! You'll definitely hear from us again as we love your calendars and always order them regularly."

"I am sure by now you know how much I appreciate your star timer calendars..."

5 Stars
Actual love compatibility days in meeting a soulmate.
Reviewed by:  from Boca Raton, Florida. on 2/11/2018

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