Instant Personal Investment Calendar
What are your personal best and worst days for investments? Timing is everything in investing! It's never too late to LIVE THE DREAM.

Instant Personal Investment Calendar

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Get your best & worst days to make investment decisions, buys and sells. For all investments other than Real Estate.

Includes a detailed guide to understanding and using your Star-Timer with strategic planning advice: how to choose the best days for every activity, how to get the most out of negative cycles, and how to make the best choices of days during bad cycles when necessary. 

Birth Time is optional - don't worry if unknown.

Sent via email to your billing email address, typically in less than 1 hour. Please check your spam folder. If you add Magi Helena's Personal Picks, please allow 5 business days.

"I LOVE my Star-Timer! It is clear, concise & easy to refer to when planning the future."

"My Star-Timer really matched what was going on in my life..."

"... now I can better strategize and plan my goals, projects, meetings and initiations on favorable days."

"My first calendar was a great help... Here's my new order - looking forward to another year of guidance!"

"Thank you so much for the calendar! I really enjoyed my last one and am excited to see what patterns the next year has in store!

"Thanks so much for the calendar, what a fantastic tool! I'm going to make the best use of it."

"... I have found your principles for picking days extremely useful."

"I am sure by now you know how much I appreciate your star timer calendars..."

"Thank you so much for your calendar service. It has been a great help in dealing with my life... I don't know how bad it could have been had I not avoided unfavorable times. So far, I am moving along and I can say that knowing when to act and when to hold off is of tremendous benefit to me. I can deal with issues much more confidently with this knowledge. Thank you!"

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